Could This Shake Really Lower Blood Sugar Naturally?

smoothiePeople who suffer from diabetes have long been told that there is no remedy for their illness. Despite the fact that modern medicine has treated people and eliminated diseases that were once catastrophic, pharmaceutical companies insist that there is no way to treat diabetes.

It turns out that these are pure lies.

Dr. David Pearson is a leading diabetes expert who began to devote his life to understanding this illness after it killed his father.

In the course of his research, he came across some startling information.

Dr Pearson found out that:

  1. The pancreas is not the only organ that reduces insulin.
  2. The liver actually produces a chemical called insulin-like growth factor (IGF).
  3. IGF works like insulin to control the body’s glucose levels.
  4. Using IGF to treat diabetes is simple and costs very little money.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies  actually knew about this therapy.

That’s right. He found out that Big Pharma was hiding their knowledge of this valuable medicine because the profits from sharing this information were too low.

Instead, they try to put you on expensive drugs for life, and will likely lead to many deaths.

So how exactly does this all work?

Watch this video or read on to learn more.

The Big Insulin Liethe big insulin lie

Did you know that the medical industry generates $250 billion dollars every single year just off treating diabetes patients alone? Knowing that, would you be surprised if someone tells you that the Big Pharma would do anything, even if it means hiding the truth, to make sure nothing puts that enormous profit in jeopardy? Of course not. And trust us, this rabbit hole goes deeper than you can imagine…

For years, the medical industry has insisted that glucose is controlled by the pancreas. Anyone with Type 1 diabetes is therefore doomed to live with the disease (or so they say).

But it turns out that insulin is not the only method your body uses to maintain glucose levels.

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) is made in the liver, and it’s incredibly effective. In fact, what he found that it was  100 times as powerful  as insulin!berry shake

More importantly, boosting your body’s natural IGF levels is easy. It requires only natural foods you can buy from the grocery store.

Drinking a shake instead of taking pills or insulin shots certainly won’t help pharmaceutical companies make any profit, but it will definitely help anyone who suffers from diabetes.

The best part?

His new discovery works in just 14 days. His Miracle Shake actually eliminates diabetes in patients in just two weeks.

Understanding the Treatment

This new remedy for diabetes is so simple, so natural, and so inexpensive, that anyone can follow it.

It works by improving your liver’s natural ability to produce IGF. The foods that he shares with diabetes patients are easy to find and they taste great.

Instead of paying for constant blood tests, insulin and doctor’s visits, people with diabetes can finally break the cycle.

This has caused a lot of frustration for the pharmaceutical companies, who are trying to shut down what he’s doing and stop people from finding this medicine. If they succeed, millions of people will be stuck with diabetes for the rest of their lives.

But for now, people with diabetes can end the constant battle and discover the remedy today….

Maybe this cure won’t work for you, but it worked for 23,947 patients who used to have diabetes. And all you have to do is Watch the Free Video Presentation and spend less than $20 at the grocery store, to combine some specific foods. So why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose…

Click the button below to finally claim your life and be healthy again.

Trust me – you don’t have to prick your finger anymore, you’ll be glad you did it.

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